10 trades that need to happen this NBA season

The NBA season is finally in full swing, and as teams start to develop their strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to fire up the trade machine.

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Trade 1 — John Wall to Phoenix

Suns get John Wall and Thomas Bryant
Wizards get T.J. Warren, Tyson Chandler, and MIL 2019 1st

The Wizards are sitting at 1–6, and pretty much everything is going wrong for them. If Washington finally decides to trade one of their guards, the Suns would gladly take a flyer on Wall. It’s the one position Phoenix needs, and yes, giving back Warren might hurt, but Wall, Booker, and Ayton next to Josh Jackson and Trevor Ariza is a legit team for the future.

Trade 2 — LeBron gets his sidekick

Lakers get Damian Lillard
Trail Blazers get Lonzo Ball, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Michael Beasley

If LeBron and the Lakers want to get the guy to put next to LeBron, Damian Lillard is a great candidate. He can hit threes, and score in isolation on his own, kind of playing that Kyrie role. Meanwhile in Portland, if they choose to breakup their backcourt, getting back Lonzo would be an awesome deal for them. He’s got incredible potential, and is already one of the best defensive guards in the league. Plus, giving the team to C.J. McCollum may unleash his potential, too.

Note: This can’t go through until December 15, since KCP and Beasley were signed this offseason.

Trade 3 — OKC gets some shooting

Thunder get Kyle Korver
Cavs get Terrance Ferguson, Patrick Patterson, 2nd round pick

Oklahoma City is really struggling. And outside of Paul George and I guess Alex Abrines, they have almost no shooting. This could really hurt them as a supporting cast around Westbrook, so it’s only logical to match them up with a shooter that’s already on the market, Kyle Korver. In return the Cavs get a young player, a salary filler, and a pick.

Trade 4 — Kevin Love finds a home out West

Cavs get Zach Collins, Evan Turner, Anfernee Simmons, and POR’s 2019 1st
Trail Blazers get Kevin Love

The Blazers have been looking at Love for awhile, and now that he’s signed his extension, they’d have him locked up for five years if they pulled off a deal like this. The loss of Zach Collins would be tough, but if Portland believes they’re a piece away, this could be it. The Cavs get a promising young big, a high-upside guard, and a first-rounder. That’s a great return.

Note: This can’t go through until January 13, since Love just signed his extension.

Trade 5 — Denver adds a guard

Nuggets get Mike Conley
Grizzlies get Will Barton, Mason Plumlee, Malik Beasley, 2nd rounder

If Denver feels like they want a true point guard next to Jamal Murray and Gary Harris, especially one who can defend the position, Conley is an excellent candidate on a team that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Plus, Memphis gets a couple of good young players back, and gets to start looking towards the future.

Trade 6 — The Magic get their PG

Magic get Kemba Walker
Hornets get Jonathon Simmons, Wes Iwundu, Jerian Grant, and ORL’s ‘19 1st

The Magic have been on the market for a point guard for awhile now, and it seems they may be looking to 2019 free agency to get one. Another option would be trading for one, like Kemba, who also happens to be a 2019 free agent. What better sales pitch than to get him there for the rest of the season and see the upside that Bamba, Gordon, and Isaac have. Orlando could be a player in the playoffs, and then lock up Walker in the summer. Meanwhile, the Hornets get what may be a high pick in this year’s draft, plus three young players and they get something back for a player that could’ve left for nothing.

Trade 7 —K-Love to Washington

Wizards get Kevin Love and Kyle Korver
Cavaliers get Otto Porter Jr., Troy Brown, Thomas Satoranksy, and Washington’s 2019 1st

If the Wizards decide to go all-in and try to win now, this is the type of trade they ‘d make. Yes, they’d be sacrificing a lot giving up Porter, but it may be worth it to become Eastern Conference contenders with Love and Korver. Meanwhile, the Cavs would get a few young assets back, including the pick.

Trade 8 — The Anthony Davis blockbuster

Celtics get Anthony Davis
Pelicans get Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris, Memphis’s 2019 1st, and Sacramento’s 2019 pick (Top 1 protected).

I know, the Pelicans probably aren’t going to trade A.D. But if they ever choose to, this is the type of deal we’d see. First of all, isn’t it crazy that the Celtics may end up with two top ten picks this summer? Those would definitely be attractive to New Orleans, especially alongside Jaylen Brown. This trade probably wouldn’t happen this season, but closer to Davis’s free agency, especially if they’re concerned he’s going to leave. Just thought it would be fun to throw it out there.

Trade 9 — C.J. to Philly

76ers get C.J. McCollum
Trail Blazers get Markelle Fultz, Rob Covington, Jerryd Bayless, Zhaire Smith

If Portland decides to split up its backcourt, this is a viable option. There have been whispers about this type of trade, but there have been whispers about all kinds of trades involving Philadelphia, and we still don’t know whether Markelle Fultz is on the table. Of course, there’d be other options, like Miami’s 2021 pick, and Dario Saric, but Fultz’s unknown ceiling would have to be intriguing. Oh, and wouldn’t McCollum be an awesome fit in Philly? You get spacing, you get one more perimeter creator, and you get a perfect sidekick for Ben Simmons, who can play off-ball and create for himself. That would be amazing. This might be my favorite one.

Trade 10 — The Thunder blow it up

Thunder trade Russell Westbrook and Paul George
Thunder get Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Dante Exum, Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, Toney Bradley, Jazz ’19 and ’21 1sts, Lakers ’19 and ’21 1sts

Lakers trade Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Rajon Rondo, KCP, ’19 and ’21 1sts
Lakers get Russell Westbrook and Grayson Allen

Jazz trade Exum, Favors, Burks, Bradley, Allen, ’19 and ’21 1sts
Jazz get Paul George, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Rajon Rondo

Will this happen? No. Is there a chance? Honestly, no. But as the Thunder struggle, this type of idea may start to linger. Can they win with this core? I don’t think they can. But does that mean Sam Presti will surrender by trading his two best players? Probably not. How awesome would this be, though? PG on the Jazz would be amazing. And Russ and LeBron matching up with the Warriors??? Wow.

PG Ball/Schroder
SG Exum/Abrines/Ferguson/Burks
SF Roberson
PF Kuzma/Favors
C Adams
+ four first-rounders

PG Westbrook
SG Hart
SF Ingram
PF James
C McGee

PG Rubio/Rondo
SG Mitchell
SF George/KCP
PF Ingles
C Gobert

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